Lil Wayne’s Insight Into Ja Morant’s Behavior Off The Court Goes Viral

rapper Lil Wayne

Getty Image / Johnny Nunez

Rapper Lil Wayne was a guest on Showtime’s All The Smoke when he was asked Ja Morant’s situation.

For those not in the know, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has been suspended, again, for flashing a gun on Instagram, again. The suspension has already cause Morant to lose major sponsors.

All The Smoke co-host Stephen Jackson asked Lil Wayne what his take on the Ja Morant situation was. Lil Tunechi said he was just talking about this with this friends and had put some thought into it.

Lil Wayne’s response to Jackson’s question has since gone viral. So much of the discussion surrounding Ja Morant has been about how Morant isn’t living that life because he’s an NBA player. Lil Wayne says we don’t even know who Ja is.

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Wayne asked the co-hosts “Do you know him?” He went on to say “Because I don’t. I know him from dunking and jumping. I only started knowing him when I started paying attention to him in his last year of college. He come from like a town with 3,000 people. What (do) y’all expect? Y’all gave him $200 million.”

Lil Wayne kept going. Saying “I just said, a town with 3,000 people. You expect him to be responsible? Now we tripping. That’s magic. Because I could tell you now, I come from a real well-raised, beautiful mother, nice, you know what I mean? My mama would bust her *** to make sure everything around me was nice. I still was a knucklehead. I shot myself.”

Lil Wayne’s take on Ja Morant hit social media and quickly went viral. There are already thousands of tweets from people giving their unsolicited feedback on Wayne’s comments.

Shannon Sharpe has been one of the more prominent figures discussing Ja Morant’s ‘gun obsession.’ I’d be interested to hear what Sharpe thinks about Lil Wayne’s perspective and the fact that we, the public, really don’t know Ja Morant at all. We just know what we’d do if we had hundreds of millions of dollars.