While Wearing A Dak Prescott Jersey, 67-Year-Old Skip Bayless Throws Ezekiel Elliott Jersey In The Trash

skip bayless throws ezekiel elliott jersey in trash

Getty Image / Christopher Capozziello

Skip Bayless is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and during Dallas’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night his emotions appeared to get the best of him as he tossed his Ezekiel Elliott jersey into the garbage can.

It probably had something to do with the fact that Elliott had 20 carries for just 47 yards against the Vikings.

There is so much to unpack here.

First of all, based on the tweet, it sounds like Bayless second-guessed posting the video but decided to anyway all the while letting us know it was probably an overreaction. A half-assed jersey toss into the trash is never great.

We have to point out the fact that Bayless is wearing a Prescott jersey meaning the 67-year-old man owns and wears multiple jerseys of other grown men while watching sporting events. If you’re in the ‘grown men wearing other grown men’s jerseys is weird’ crowd then this video probably infuriates you.

Lastly, we all know that Bayless practically lives in the gym when he’s not debating Shannon Sharpe on ‘Undisputed’ but did he just leave a pickup game with those shoes and baggy-ass shorts on?

I respect the comfort level and all, and him going against the norm of 99% of the 67-year-old guys out there, but it isn’t the best fit I’ve ever seen from a guy making over $6 million a year. I also respect the fact Bayless still lives and dies by a sports team after all these years in the media, it’s pretty easy to get burnt out.

This is more like it from Drip Bayless:

That $6 million per year number may increase sooner rather than later when his contract at Fox Sports is up in 2020. It has been reported that Bayless may actually be eyeing a return to ESPN to sit across from Stephen A. Smith yet again on ‘First Take.’