Skip Bayless Eats The Exact Same Meal 10 Times A Week, Claims He Can Beat LeBron In A 8-Mile Race

Skip Bayless Eats Same Meal 10 Times A Week Says Can Beat LeBron In A Race

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Skip Bayless, who is never short of hot takes, was recently interviewed by Alex Shultz of GQ, and revealed that he eats the same meal 10 times a week and thinks that he can beat LeBron James in a eight-mile race… because that’s not totally random.

He also claims to do cardio seven days a week, has only missed one session since his last marathon in 1991, and has five-percent body fat at age 67.

As for that cardio, Bayless says he does three days on the exercise bike, three on the treadmill, and runs eight miles on Sundays.

That all seems pretty reasonable, and an excellent way to stay in shape, but his diet that consists of eating the exact same thing 10 times a week? Yeah-no, hard pass on that.

When did your legendary five-helpings-per-week-of-chicken-and-broccoli-without-sauce routine begin?

That was by necessity. For 10 years while I was at ESPN, I lived at the Residence Inn in Southington, Connecticut, near Bristol. I did that because my wife had a great job in New York City, and we had a place in New York City, at 54th and 8th. On Friday, I would come back, and then on Sunday evening I would go back to the Residence Inn. I kept my room at the Residence, and I would just call the Chinese restaurant because they knew me and knew what I liked. I would get steamed chicken and broccoli, and I’m a white rice guy. I know brown is better for you, but I don’t like the taste of it. It’s too dry for me.

Neither my wife or I cook, so here in L.A., we just order from a meal service. Once a day, they bring me two meals of baked chicken, steamed broccoli, and white rice. Occasionally, she will pour just a bit of Healthy Valley soup—low sodium, no fat—over it and microwave it. That gives it a little bit more taste, but the Chinese place actually had more taste. I don’t know how or why, but it did. Anyway, I still do that meal every lunch, every dinner, Monday through Friday.

For those of us on the internet (like me) who are skeptical and believe one would have to get sick of eating the same thing over and over, Bayless said, “I don’t read the Internet, so I don’t know what they’re saying.”

Okay, now he’s definitely got to be lying, right?

Bayless has also claimed in the past that he can outrun any professional athlete who challenged him to a distance race. Of course, he had to go to his favorite punching bag, LeBron James, when making his case.

I always think of LeBron, since he’s the guy we talk about the most. Or Tom Brady. I’m going to the top of the food chain with both of them. I definitely could outrun those two for eight miles. I would do it for any amount of money. I still run pretty well. I’m pretty fast. My eighth mile is usually around 6:30. The other miles will be more like 7:30 or 8:00. Let’s take LeBron: At 6-foot-nine and 260 pounds, it’s just physics—it’s too many pounds to carry over a distance. I’d do it tomorrow.

The converse of this is I still play a good bit of basketball. I only play one-on-one, and I’m always amazed at how winded I get. Then again, when people think they can beat me in one-on-one, if we go to 12 baskets, and we go best two of three, they just can’t run with me because I get the rebound and run to the three-point line and shoot it. That’s where my wind starts to help. But when I’m playing defense, I find that’s a whole different wind and fitness level. Your limbs get tired. I don’t have that kind of fitness.

But because I lift weights so hard and run so much, yeah. I believe I can outrun most everyone.

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Bayless also talked about growing up around the barbecue place his parents owned, when and why he decided to completely change his diet and exercise program, his day-to-do schedule, his one vice, and more. Read it all over at

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