Skip Bayless Might Have Lit Himself On Fire With This Scorching Take About Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady

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Last night, Aaron Rodgers completed the 24th game-winning drive of his career after leading the Packers to a 33-30 victory over the 49ers.

Rodgers tied up the contest by throwing a beautiful touchdown to Davante Adams with 1:55 remaining before a thrilling last-minute drive led to a game-winning field goal.

Rodgers’ heroics came a day after Tom Brady led the Patriots down the gridiron to set up a Stephen Gostowski field goal to put a cap on the 43rd game-winning drive of his storied career.

Most people would agree both Brady and Rodgers are both Very Good Quarterbacks but there’s one person who decided Rodgers brilliant performance was the perfect opportunity to piss on his parade.

I’m assuming you won’t be shocked to learn this person was Skip Bayless.

Over the course of his not-so-storied career, Bayless has treated the world to countless Hot Takes (and far too many shirtless pictures)— like the time he decided to put LeBron James on blast for having the sheer audacity to drink water during a game.

How dare you, LeBron. How DARE you, sir!

After last night’s game, Bayless decided there was no better time to hop on Twitter to let the world know exactly how he felt about Rodgers in the grand scheme of things.




Someone get a fire extinguisher!

I would love to know how Rodgers’ postseason performance takes away from last night’s achievements but there are some questions in life that are destined to go unanswered.

Bayless doubled down on his comments on Undisputed this morning where he called Rodgers “the LeBron James of the National Football League” (as if that’s somehow an insult) and caused Shannon Sharpe to yell loudly in response.

Sure, Brady might have an edge in the stats department but that might also have something to do with him being seven years older than Rodgers.

Bayless gonna Bayless.

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