Please Make Sure Your Girl Isn’t Around When You Open This Picture Of A Shirtless Skip Bayless

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Skip Bayless is turning 67 years young in December, and if this Instagram photo he posted yesterday is any indication, he is still entirely capable of stealing your girl on your birthday.

In between dishing out fiery hot takes about Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James, Bayless finds one hour every day to bang out some cardio and do some heavy lifting three times a week. I gotta give the sonovabitch credit where credit’s due, he ages like the love child of Benjamin Button and Suzanne Somers.

The caption reads:

Ernestine took this after a long run in the heat … Shannon Sharpe often says on air I’m too skinny. Maybe so. Never ever miss a day of cardio for at least an hour. Burn some muscle. Only about 5 % body fat. But I do lift. A lot.

A lot, guys.

As For the Win points out, Bayless has never been shy about sharing his passion for fitness. In a Men’s Journal piece published a few years ago, the hot take machine revealed his unwavering desire to be as fit as the men he dismantles daily.

I can tell you the last two days I missed a workout: May 3, 1998, when I had a sinus infection, and July 4, 2009, after I ate some bad meat. I’m a psycho — I don’t buy the idea of “rest” — but I’m a positive psycho. I believe you can always find time to do something. When you have a bad day, you can go slower. Once you get started, you’ll feel so much better. …

I do an hour of cardio every day without fail, and I lift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To make the cardio happen, I have to do it before work, even if we have an early start. We were recently in Los Angeles, taping the show early because of the time zone difference. So I worked out in the hotel gym at 2 am. People were coming home from partying, and I was in the elevator in my running stuff. They were like, “Skip, what are you doing?”

I need to see Skip Bayless try his hand at the NFL combine and I need to see it yesterday.

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