Skip Bayless Fires Off Absurd Tweet About The Warriors And Celtics, Gets Roasted By All Of Twitter

Skip Bayless Fires Off Absurd Tweet About Warriors-Celtics, Gets Roasted

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  • Skip Bayless fired off a ridiculous tweet.
  • It’s also a day that ends in the letter ‘y,’ so it’s not all that surprising.
  • Practically everyone on Twitter immediately called him out for what he had to say.

Skip Bayless didn’t get to where he is today by having normal sports takes, he’s paid millions to think (way) outside the box and spark conversation.

On Thursday he didn’t exactly start a conversation, but he did manage to get some feedback on a truly ridiculous tweet about the Warriors and Celtics. All the feedback was negative, but hey, feedback is feedback I guess.

Ahead of Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, with the Warriors a win away from winning their fourth title in eight seasons, Bayless posed a question for NBA fans.

It was not a good question. In fact, the question doesn’t make one bit of sense.

Where does this thought even come from?

Nobody, and I mean literally no one else on Earth, has had this thought while thinking about the Warriors possibly winning the title this year.

Are we just going to start discounting every championship team if they “don’t have a LeBron?”

NBA fans immediately called out Bayless for his ridiculous tweet, some were impressed that he even came up with his thought: