Skip Bayless Reportedly Causing Problems At FS1 Over ‘Undisputed’ Cast

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Skip Bayless is reportedly rocking the boat at Fox Sports 1 with the new cast of his morning show, ‘Undisputed.’

Now, Bayless causing trouble is hardly anything new. He did it in his time at ESPN and has done it ever since he arrived at FS1.

But this time, it’s enough to upset network executives. And you don’t want to upset network executives.

The report comes from Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, who claims that Bayless’ hand-picked cast has not been well received after the departure of Shannon Sharpe.

“They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But you could also argue it’s a sign of desperation, McCarthy wrote. “Skip Bayless’ strategy to copy rival Stephen A. Smith’s “debate by committee approach” with revolving guests — as well as the underwhelming talent — was met with a resounding thud inside Fox Sports, sources told Front Office Sports. Bayless’ “Undisputed” has been on extended hiatus for nearly two months as FS1 executives have auditioned candidates to replace departed co-host Shannon Sharpe.”

McCarthy also revealed that Bayless is reluctant to debate the seemingly obvious choice for the role, Nick Wright.

“Skip doesn’t want to work with Nick Wright,” a source told McCarthy “Skip doesn’t want to work with anybody who will make him look bad. And Nick would disembowel him on the air.”

Wright, 38, has flourished since joining the network following a role as a radio host. He’s also worked alongside fellow network giant, Colin Cowherd, in a role meant to prepare for a gig as large as the one opposite Bayless.

Yet Bayless remains reluctant.

Meanwhile, the show is getting trounced in the ratings by ESPN’s ‘First Take.’

Something is going to have to give. And it likes won’t be the FOX network executives relenting to Bayless’ wishes.