Fans Joke That SMU Will Have Trouble Scoring After A Bizarre Bubble Formed On Their Field Following Heavy Rain

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The SMU football team is having an issue at their home stadium ahead of the 2022 season.

With less than two weeks remaining before the start of college football, pictures have been taken showing a huge bubble at the 15-yard line of the field. The Dallas area was hit with heavy rain this week, which presumably caused the bizarre bubbling.

The downpour was so torrential that campus police had to start issuing safety warnings for students, who’ve just arrived back to campus for the Fall.

The rainstorm effectively flooded Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Take a look at the wild picture below.

It looks more like a deserted tropical island than a football field. Some fans compared it to a golf green surrounded by water. Whatever you want to call it, it could provide some major issues if not fixed up over the next few weeks.

Luckily, SMU starts the season on the road before hosting Lamar on September 10th. The situation should be cured by then, but that didn’t stop fans from offering some hilarious reactions on social media.

SMU football field forms bizarre bubble following rainstorm

Fans were quick to react to seeing the insane bubble on the football field. Take a look at some of the responses on Twitter.

This guy might have an idea of what’s causing the problem.

Maybe all that NIL money can help with a solution.

SMU is currently looking into how to fix the deformation.

Hopefully, it’s all cleared up by September 10th for the Mustangs’ home opener.

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