Four Star High School Football Recruit Snapchats Pic of MASSIVE Wad Of Cash After Changing Commitment To Auburn

Tim Irvin is a four star safety from Florida. He has been heavily recruited by all sorts of big college football programs. He was committed to Texas and Charlie Strong’s program earlier this month, but then paid a visit to Auburn and pulled the ultimate flip-flop, committing to War Eagle and pissing off Longhorns fans something fierce. All it took was two nights at Auburn to cause his loyalty to flip, according to a feature on

“I felt like it was comfortable,” Irvin hours after his commitment. “It was a nice place when I first came on the campus. I felt like the coaches and players brought me in like I was their child. I just felt like I was at home.”

Auburn defensive coordinator Wil Muschamp and assistant Travaris Robinson began recruiting Irvin to Florida when he was a freshman at Westminster Christian School in Miami, Fla. Auburn hit the ground running with Irvin once Muschamp and Robinson joined the staff.

“It was just Coach Muschamp an T-Rob and the relationship I had with those guys,” Irvin said. “They were like a dad to me. During my recruiting process I talked to them almost every day. They’ve been with me since Day 1 and that’s why I want to play for those guys.

Aw. Isn’t that sweet? Top recruit falls for top SEC program. A modern love story.

But then it gets weird. Redditor snowgrow noticed that over the weekend, Tim Irvin allegedly Snapchatted a picture of a MASSIVE wad of cash on the heels of his visit to Auburn:

That’s not a smart thing to do! Irvin then tweeted the picture with the caption, “Wanna thank my Aunt and others who gave me my graduation gift” followed by this tweet:

This isn’t that bizarre, according to Larry Brown Sports. Irvin’s uncle is Cowboys legend Michael Irvin. Still, the timing for such liquid graduation present is conspicuous on the heels of Irvin shafting Texas in favor of an SEC powerhouse.

There’s a reason it’s called the Dirty South. Hope he spends it wisely.

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