Senators Sale Heats Up After Snoop Dogg Joins Bidding Group

Snoop Dogg

Getty Image / Roberto Ricciuti

The Ottawa Senators have been for sale for a hot minute and the bidding war is really heating up.

Ryan Reynolds has been rumored to be one of the celebrities favored to possibly become the new owner of the NHL franchise.

However, it appears Snoop Dogg has entered his name into the hat, as reports indicate he’s interested in possibly buying the Senators.

According to Front Office Sports, Snoop Dogg officially joins a bidding group led by filmmaker Neko Sparks, “who hopes to assemble the ‘most diverse ownership group the NHL has ever seen.'”

As of now, Ryan Reynold’s group is “prepping a $1 billion-plus bid” in an attempt to purchase the Senators, per Deadline.

So, if Snoop Dogg and Neko Sparks hope to win the bidding war, they’ll have to come up with more money than that.

According to Deadline, “If the sale goes through at the reported level, it would make Ottawa the first NHL franchise to top a billion.”

With that said, it’s safe to say that hockey is still a growing sport. Once one club reaches the $1 billion mark, more shall follow.

We’ll see how it all plays out in due time. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are officially underway as the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils conclude their series to wrap up round one.

Look for more updates regarding the Senators, as a purchase could be coming to fruition relatively soon.