2-Year-Old Does INSANE Tricks With Her Professional Snowboarder Dad, Pretty Much The Coolest Parent Ever

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Yeah, apparently that is an actual 2-year-old toddler absolutely crushing it on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain in California, doing tricks more technical than you or anyone you know probably know can. Her name is Kinsley Klassen, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’s the best snowboarder her age, no question about it. Her technique is so honed-in it’s essentially flawless!

And evidently her dad, Steve Klassen, is pretty much “the man.” By that, I mean he’s an extremely gifted and accomplished snowboarder, with the utmost confidence in his slope-style and parenting skills.

As a tribute for his daughter’s third birthday, Klassen, the owner of Wave Rave Snowboard Shop in Mammoth Lakes, California, made a video with the help of some friends to showcase how the father-daughter duo shred around their home mountain.

I don’t know what’s more amazing: Steve’s incredible riding skills, or Kinsley’s absolute fearlessness and “down for anything #YOLO” kind of attitude. Her and her friend, Emma, shredding the mountain in style are just the most adorable freakin’ thing you’ll ever see.

I mean, name me another parent that pulls off perfect, powdery front flips in tandem with his 2-year-old daughter. Oh, that’s right – you can’t.

And if front flips aren’t cool enough, how about a silky-smooth corkscrew?

Stomped it.

This stuff is downright incredible and gnarly to be able to pull off on the slopes, let alone in tandem with a 2-year-old!

Now, there’s been some speculation about whether it was really Kinsley on-board for these big stunts that Steve was pulling, or whether it was a doll double placed in for show.

Having made the .gifs here, I’m totally erring on the side that this is really is Kinsley going HUGE with her dad, because watching the images slowly load, frame-by-frame, when I first created them, her movements in the air looked totally instinctive and reactionary.

A YouTube commenter chimes in too, to kill any doubt you may have.

Simply put, this is parenting at its finest, as exemplified by Steve’s riding, and even more in the message he includes in the video’s description.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kinsley! Your adventurous spirit and our teamwork have created an amazing and magical time for us. I could even call it pioneering. Thank you for bringing this experience to my life. I love you with all my heart, Dad.

Man, the father-daughter trust bond you here is so paramount and affection filled. Just a wonderful thing to see. If you know how to do something excellent, whatever kind of skill it is, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pass it along to your kid if they’re open and passionate about learning it.

And you know both Kinsley and Emma are most likely going to be biting gold medals for Team USA atop a podium on a Winter Olympic stage, like, 14 years from now when they clean up in all the snowboarding events.

Tremendous, heart-warming stuff, Klassen family.

[via YouTube]

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