Soccer Coach Sprints On To Field To Coldcock Referee During Romanian Cup Match

In case you missed the Romanian Cup match on Tuesday, here is your highlight; a coach went bananas and punched some poor referee right in the face.

In the tightly contested battle between Arsenal Malu and Union Springs, the referee awarded a penalty to Arsenal Malu in the 110th minute of the match that was knotted at 3-3. The Union Springs player apparently stopped a free-kick with his hand.

The players quickly protested and the Union Springs manager vehemently disagreed so he sprinted onto the pitch. The maniac manager didn’t even attempt to discuss his issues with the ref, he tapped him on the shoulder and smashed the ref in the face with a wild right hook (1:40 mark). Then it appears that some of the Union Springs players follow their coach’s lead and attack the helpless official.

In case you were wondering, Arsenal Malu missed the ensuing penalty and Union Springs would go on to victory sans manager by winning a penalty shootout 7-5.

How bad does this referee want Diddy’s son to play for Union Springs’ coach?