Soccer Goalie Eats Cheeseburger Thrown At Him, Punks Out Fan

by 4 years ago


There have been plenty of times where, at a sporting event, I wanted to be that moron who threw something at an opposing player.

Hell, just the other day, my buddy and I were at a Seattle Sounders game and nearly tossed a near-empty beer onto the pitch because the Sounders decided that the day we were there would be the best time to shit the bed as a professional soccer team.

Fortunately, our 30-year-old brains decided better than doing that, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

We’ve all seen videos of players responding to hecklers in various ways, with snowballs being tossed at opposing teams fans and, oh yeah, that whole Malice in the Palace thing. But not all athlete reactions are violent.

Just look at this one from soccer goalie Juan Carlos Olave, who, during a game between his Belgrano squad and Racing Club, responded to a fan throwing a cheeseburger at him in the best way possible—by taking a bite of it.

Seeing as how this match was played in Argentina, where soccer is taken really, fucking seriously, a burger being tossed on the pitch is probably a little bit more tame than what else could have ended up at Olave’s feet.

With the goalie keeping a clean sheet by shutting out Racing Club, he must have just decided that he deserved a little mid-game protein to give him enough strength to earn the shutout.

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