Soccer Player Drops ‘The People’s Elbow’ On A Teammate After A Goal, The Rock Responds

soccer player adebayo akinfenwa peoples elbow rock responds


Adebayo Akinfenwa, nicknamed “The Beast” and reportedly the strongest player in soccer , not only looks like he could be a professional wrestler if he wanted to become one, he also apparently is a big fan of the sports entertainment genre.

Because after scoring a goal for the second time in his Wycombe Wanderers’ victory over Port Vale in England, Akinfenwa decided to celebrate by dropping The Rock’s signature move, The People’s Elbow, on one of his more courageous teammates.

Not the best People’s Elbow ever, that might actually be this one…

…but not completely awful. In fact, once Akinfenwa tweeted that his move was inspired by The Rock, Uncle DJ naturally had to respond and he certainly approved.

Seriously, could The Rock get any more awesome?

OH! If you haven’t read the story Triple H told about how The Rock came up with The People’s Elbow you need to read it now, because it’s absolute GOLD.

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