Soccer Player Gets Red Card For Warning Opposing Team About Dog Shit On Field

Soccer is a competitive sport but sometimes good sportsmanship prevails. Take for example, this guy, who got a red card just for telling the opposition “yo, a dog took a huge dump on the field! Be careful!”

Well he didn’t say it like that, he worded it differently. It was his wording that got him the red card.

Shortly after kick-off, Rowley College’s Lance Perry bellowed across the pitch to warn his St Thomas Aldridge counterparts about the pile of feces located in their half.

However, Perry’s exact words – “IT’S DOG SH*T!” – contravened the league’s strict “foul language” regulations and therefore the referee had little option but to send the Rowley man off.

Shit. That sucks. The league has a zero tolerance policy on cursing but officials were forced to consult a different book — the actual dictionary.

As such, Perry’s red card has been overturned, with Mike Fellows of the Birmingham County FA explaining: “Actually, sh*t is in the Oxford English Dictionary. Clearly in this case the word was not used as a term of abuse.

The reason I don’t watch soccer? Shit like this.

[H/T: Who Ate All The Pies]

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