This Co-Ed Softball Team Has An Instagram Account Where They Pretend Like They’re A Major League Baseball Team

by 3 years ago
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Thanks to a tip from some readers, Deadspin discovered the amazing Instagram account of a Toronto co-ed softball team. They’re call the Stinkmitts and, on Instagram, they pretend like they’re a serious, high-profile MLB team with a pennant at stake, not just a bunch of after-work schlubs going to the bar after a game.

The highlight of the account is the post-softball press conferences that they give. For example, this guy knows how to give generic, fluffy interviews to the press like a true tight-lipped MLB coach:

I love that they hold their cells phones in the frame like anything they’re recording matters (why the hell do reporters still do this in the TV era?):

It’s amazing how high-paid athletes can say so much but so little.

And then there are these gems:

Congrats to @quinlanjen and @adamnesta !

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Every softball and kickball team ever should have just as awesome of a social media presence.

Go Stinkmitts.


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