Spanish Bullfighter Suffers ‘Eviscerated’ Testicle When Gored By A Bull: Graphic Video

bullfighter gored testicle

YouTube - TORO tv

Spanish bullfighter Marco Galan might want to consider a career change after taking a bull’s horn to the nuts during a bullfight in Madrid last weekend.

The bull’s left horn punctured his groin while the right one went through his jacket and proceeded to drag him around on the ground for awhile.

“My testicle was ripped open,” he said from his room at the Hospital San Francisco de Asís in Madrid. “It wasn’t a great moment for me.” (Understatement.)

He didn’t seem too worked up about it though, going on to say, “It was over very quickly and I got away. These things happen when you go in the ring. But bad things can also happen just walking down the street. I am making a good recovery and I will back in the ring again soon. I have a bullfight in France on July 5th and should be OK by then.”

And Kyrie Irving couldn’t continue in the playoffs because of his poor kneecap? Pffft

Needless to say, the video below is a little cringe-worthy…

H/T HuffPo

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