This Spearfisherman Has No F*cking Clue How Good He’s Got It, Shoots A Yellowfin Tuna While Standing On The Dock

This video above shows a Southern California spearfisherman walking around the Dana Point Harbor, stalking a yellowfin tuna that happened to swim inshore. After a few steps he’s able to get a shot off, while STILL STANDING ON THE DOCK, and eventually he’s able to wrassle that yellowfin tuna up onto the dock (and eventually into his belly). This spearfisherman has NO EFFING CLUE how good he’s got it. Tuna don’t just swim right up in front of you while you’re walking around a harbor, they’re a pelagic fish species who are ALWAYS on the move, and tend to stick to very deep water.

Before I rant too much about this specific harbor, and how I was fishing there just 4 days ago and didn’t see a goddamn tuna, let’s watch the video and then we can discuss tuna more (for those of you that prefer GIFs over video there are GIFs down below):

Days this week that I was walking around Dana Point Harbor, where this video was filmed: Monday and Tuesday.

Days this week that I was walking around Dana Point Harbor, where this video was filmed, and saw yellowfin tuna swimming around: none.

Monday I even went offshore fishing (for Yellowtail, not to be confused with Yellowfin) with Peligroso Tequila (post about that EPIC trip coming up later), and not a single tuna was in sight. So it literally KILLS ME INSIDE to watch this man just walk around, aim, and stone that tuna in the head. Then haul it up on to the dock and into his belly.

Recently the warm water currents off Dana Point (Orange County) have pushed in so close to theshore that you only need to go a few miles off the beach in order to catch yellowfin tuna. Fisherman are reporting the best tuna fishing in the past quarter century. So I guess it’s conceivable that amongst the tens of thousands of tuna currently swimming off So-Cal that one of those fish would get lost and find himself swimming in the shallows. But then to be inside a marina, next to a person walking around with a speargun…that’s just unfathomable.

Here’s some highlights in GIF for those of you not willing to watch the entire video:

That is not a small fish. I am all sorts of envious. Congrats to that man for the spearfishing bag of a lifetime.