Bowler Sets New World Record, Rolls An Incredible Perfect ‘300’ Game In Under 90 Seconds

It only took 86.9 seconds for Ben Ketola to set a new world record for ‘fastest perfect game’ ever bowled. Typically, when you and I go bowling we stick to one lane all night. Ben Ketola was able to break this world record by throwing consecutive strikes across multiple lanes, working his way across the bowling alley.

It seems like Ben Ketola could’ve saved himself a few seconds by going back to lanes 6 and 7 to roll his final two frames instead of sprinting all the way back to lanes 1 and 2. I’m not familiar with this concept of speed bowling, so maybe there’s a protocol in place.

You have to respect Ben’s hustle here. He worked his ass off for that new world record. A world record in a sport that barely exists in 2017. I’ve gone bowling a whopping once in the past 5 years. I think the same is true for most people in the world. Bowling alleys are few and far between. This bowling alley was either empty, closed, or he’d chosen to shell out $$$ to rent the entire alley. Most likely it was empty.

(H/T r/videos)

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