You Can Actually Feel The Pain Of This Spinning Kick K.O. Deep Within Your Loins

If someone were to ask me to pull up a YouTube video to show them the very definition of pain, this spinning kick K.O. is the video I’d show them.

This clip’s been around for a few months, but only came across my lowly desk today…AND HOLY SHIT did that guy get knocked-the-fugggout! I’m not sure I’ve ever spent as much time on a K.O. clip as I have already with this one, watching over and over and over, as the sweat and braincells get separated from that human head in one fell swoop.

In terms of K.O. videos, in addition to being one of the most brutal kicks you’ll EVER see, this also deserves credit for such a high-level of cinematography. The close-up, slow-motion clip of that foot connecting with the cranium, sending that unfortunate fighter’s life into a tailspin. After watching this clip for the umpteenth time I can only assume that guy got knocked out so hard he shit himself. I’m certainly no expert, but from the eye-test that looks like a ‘pants shitting’ level of knock out, one so severe that person on the business end of the K.O. loses all control of his body’s faculties.

So let’s watch the clip, shall we?

You simply CANNOT watch this clip just once. This is the sort of K.O. that’s so transcendent you have to send it to everyone you know (like I’m doing now), and watch it until the urge to kick a heavy bag takes hold of your body (like I’m about to do). But to save you the time of rewinding constantly on YouTube, here’s an animated GIF you can just keep on your screen for the rest of the day:

via @JukinVideo

Dude’s life is ruined by one kick. Lights out. Dignity gone forever….


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