Sports Finance Report: Sponsored Tailgates Coming To Your City, Adidas Gives Louisville 4th Largest Apparel Deal In College Sports

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Fox (FOXA) Networks Group has announced that it will be introducing 6 second ads to NFL game broadcasts this season, making it the first legacy TV network to introduce the shorter ad format. Ads will appear in a small box adjacent to players on the field during stoppages in play or just prior to kickoff, with the most premium slots going for upwards of $200,000/spot. While traditional TV ads run 15 or 30 seconds, with 15 second ads gaining popularity in recent years (36% of ads in 2017 vs. 29% in 2014), YouTube (GOOGL) has championed the 6 second format since last year.

Howie Long-Short: Fox is charging roughly the same amount for a 6 second spot as it does for a 15 second spot, with justification being that the ads’ placement gives it greater attention/value. Expect 6 second ads to become an industry standard. If you can increase revenues and appease the viewer, you are on to something.

Fan Marino: Makes sense to me. The average NFL game take +/- 3 hours to broadcast, but only contains 11 minutes of actual game action. Plenty of time for brands to engage the fan, while glued to the game (i.e. not halftime, commercial time-outs).


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