‘Sports Illustrated’ Inadvertently Revolts NFL Fans With Strange Sauce Gardner Cover Photo

New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner

Getty Image

Sauce Gardner made quite a name for himself during his time playing football at the University of Cincinnati, and the cornerback instantly became a member of the NFL All-Name Team after he was drafted by the Jets with the fourth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

It’s safe to say the man born “Ahmed Gardner” lived up to the expectations that come with being selected as high as he was, as he received Defensive Rookie of the Year honors at the end of an inaugural campaign where he was also sent to the Pro Bowl and voted a first-team All-Pro.

Gardner has not only lived up to his nickname but cashed in on the “Sauce” moniker, as the man who keeps actual condiments in the iced-out bottle he occasionally sports on an equally flashy chain got his very own sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings right before he made his NFL debut last year.

It’s only natural that Sports Illustrated would reference the label he earned as a kid when the magazine had Gardner come in for a photo shoot in conjunction with a recent cover story, but the decision to have him dip his hand in what appeared to be BBQ sauce backfired a bit thanks to fans who thought it resembled a couple of other dark liquids humans typically want to avoid putting in their mouths.

That includes more than a few who pointed out it looked like what you might produce after a long night at B-Dubs as opposed to what you’d consume while there (poop. I’m talking about poop).

There were also a few people who suggested the photo was the result of Gardner channeling his inner serial killer.

You’d think someone at Sports Illustrated would’ve noticed this before the magazine went to press, but here we are.

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