Sports Illustrated Should Have Triple-Checked Their Spelling After Gaffe On Their Latest Mag Cover

Mark Dantonio

Talk about little respect, huh? The Michigan State Spartans have had one of the best seasons in school history, upsetting defending champ Ohio State in Columbus and then winning the Big Ten Conference title. It’s too bad one of the biggest sports magazines still doesn’t know the team’s head coach, though.

Hey, Sports Illustrated, just so you know, it’s MARK Dantonio, not MIKE Dantonio—as the mag actually printed and released on their latest issue.

The Spartans, who are slated to play Alabama for a chance at the national title in this year’s College Football Playoff, probably don’t mind too much considering they’ve been overlooked and picked against a hell of a lot this season already, so they’ll probably shrug it off as no big deal.

Still, how in the fuck does SI make this blunder? I could maybe understand messing up Dantonio’s last name or something, but his first name? Mark is about the easiest first name to remember/spell.

Mistakes happen, I get it—and this isn’t the first time that this has happened to the Spartans coach. But, I just hope that my name never lands on a Sports Illustrated cover, ’cause I might suddenly become Dick Nimengo—and that would suck, well, dick.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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