The Sports World Reacts With Shock At Game-Worn Michael Jordan Nike’s Selling For Record $1.5 Million

sports world reacts to Michael Jordan 1984 Nike sneakers selling for record 1.5 million auction twitter reactions

Getty Image / Tom Berg/WireImage

  • A pair of game-worn Michael Jordan Nike sneakers from his rookie season, one of the oldest in existence, sold for a record $1.472 million at auction
  • The sports world reacted with complete and utter shock at a pair of sneakers selling for so much and how the sports memorabilia and collector’s mark continues to explode
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A pair of game-worn Michael Jordan Nike sneakers from his 1984 rookie season just set a new record at auction after selling for $1.472 million. Sports memorabilia and card collector Nick Fiorella is now the proud owner of these record-setting sneakers purchased in a recent Sotheby’s auction.

These are historically significant sneakers. The autographed red and white Michael Jordan sneakers were worn in the fifth game of his 1984 rookie season. And the $1.472 million record-setting amount more than doubled the price tag from the last time these sneakers were sold.

Let this sink in for just one moment: this exact pair of autographed and game-worn Michael Jordan sneakers was sold at auction for $615,000 in August of 2020. So they went up in value an astounding $857,000 in only 14 months!!!

The sports world reacted with complete shock at the price these Jordan sneakers sold for at the Sotheby’s auction. Many people took to Twitter to share their disbelief at how much money is being thrown around in the sports memorabilia and collector’s world right now.

This really does put that Tom Brady 600th TD football in perspective…

My answer to this question would be ‘Yes, NFTs’

Maaaaybe after inflation…

One thing I don’t understand here is the people suggesting it’s just buying an old and smelly pair of shoes. What was being purchased is a piece of history. Those game-worn 1984 Michael Jordan Nike sneakers were a major stepping stone in both his career on the court as the greatest NBA player in history AND the empire he’d go on to build with Nike/Jumpman.

I’m not suggesting that spending $1.48 million on sneakers is a brilliant use of money, but to claim that what was being purchased is nothing more than old shoes is wrong.