Powerlifter Famous On Instagram Called Out For Using Fake Weights, Here’s How To Spot Them

Bradley Castleberry has nearly 750,000 followers on Instagram. He’s got more ab definition than 99.999% of the human population, and after a quick scroll through his Instagram feed it’s obvious that he’s a really serious lifter. Brad Castleberry has also come under fire recently after fellow powerlifters have accused him of using fake weights for his lifts on Instagram to make it appear as if he’s lifting more than he actually is.

Nobody is saying that Bradley Castleberry can’t lift. We know he lifts and we know he’s strong AF. Just look at him. What he’s being accused of is padding the stats by adding fake plates in addition to real plates. Above, Nick Miller of the ‘Nick’s Strength and Power‘ YouTube channel put together this exposé which does a pretty great job at explaining the controversy. Nick also goes on to explain how easy it is to purchase fake plates and how to spot these fake plates when watching videos on social media.

Soon, Bradley Castleberry will compete against former NFL player Heath Evans in an NFL-style combine of lifting. Bradley’s hope is that he can prove his plates are real, and he can regain the fans he’s lost after being accused of padding the stats.

For now, real or fake?

[h/t r/videos]