St. Louis Rams Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar Took A Nap On A Trainer’s Table, His Teammates Pranked Him Hard

Now this is some pretty solid locker room humor, and a terrific reminder for professional athletes to always be on guard.

St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar decided to get a few winks while receiving treatment yesterday. His teammates, being the sympathetic people they are, took the opportunity to prank the hell out of him.

First came the tape, then came the cones. Then the sprinkling of baby powder. None of this, it seems, could roust the slumbering Dunbar from the Land of Snore.

Even the unpleasant bellow of an air horn had little impact. All Dunbar was able to do was slightly raise his head and go back to sleep, a move dogs have perfected over thousands of years of domestication.



And before he went back to sleep for another 30 minutes he told me “they don’t make em like me anymore.” It was a #napfortheages

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It’s really good to see the Rams locker room isn’t full of unwanted distractions. That was a major concern coming into this season.

[H/T: Larry Brown Sports]