This Stanley Cup Final Commercial Gave Me Goosebumps And I Don’t Even Have A Dog In The Fight

I’ve never laced up a pair of skates in my entire life, but I think I may start today. You could consider me a bandwagoner but I consider myself a late bloomer. My love for hockey was born in 2011 when I was simply looking to get fucked up on a weekday and rationalize it to myself by centering it around an activity, which happened to be the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run. Living in Boston at the time, the chicks came out in DROVES. Chicks love hockey, or love pretending to love hockey, either way its all effectively the same thing and I have the opposite of a problem with it.

But hockey’s fucking awesome. It’s a perfect mix of athleticism and finesse, ugliness and beauty, urgency and patience. It’s really the only sport that can capture the attention of an entire bar for an extended period of time. And even though I don’t have a dog in the fight for this years run to the Stanley Cup, I’ll be watching simply out of respect for those who do.

BroBible’s Cass Anderson is a Lightning fan and I kind of want them to win just to see the entire state of Florida do meth and get naked in celebration because well, it’s Florida. But then again, I live in New York and if the Rangers pull it out, I’d have an excuse to continue to get legless drunk.

Regardless, went on a tangent that had nothing to do with the video I posted but IT JUST MAKES ME NOSTALGIC, OK?!

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