Steelers Fans Went HAM On A Random Guy On Twitter Because They Thought He Was Ben Roethlisberger

by 1 year ago
Steelers Fans Attack Twitter Ben Roethlisberger

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After Ben Roethlisberger’s ill-fated attempt to fake spike the ball at the end of the Steelers game versus the Patriots resulted in a crushing interception, fans of the team decided to take out their frustration and with a brutal attack on Roethlisberger via Twitter.

One problem though. The Steelers fans actually attacked some random guy on Twitter and not the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. Whoops! (Perhaps they still weren’t thinking clearly after the referees took away their game-winning touchdown with the “it’s a catch, but not really” rule.)

Here’s the inexplicable play by Roethlisberger that sealed the game for the Patriots on Sunday.

And here’s Roethlisberger trying to make the inexplicable explicable.

Regardless of whose fault the fake spike play was, Steelers fans were pissed.

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