Twitter Attacks The WRONG Jon Jones For Wrecking UFC 200 But His Reactions To It Are Priceless

In case you somehow haven’t been on the internet today until now you may not have heard that Jon Jones failed his drug test and will no longer be headlining UFC 200 against Daniel Cormier.

Now it’s being reported that the Brock Lesnar-Mark Hunt fight will be the main event and well, that is simply not nearly as exciting of a fight.

Naturally, this unexpected development upset a whole lot of diehard MMA fans last night so they took to Twitter to express their displeasure as they’re known to do.

They were particularly upset with Jones for screwing up what was going to be a great card into one that’s definitely not as good and also much less worth the hefty pay-per-view pricetag.

One problem though. Jon Jones’ twitter handle is @JonnyBones, not @jonjones, something many fans had a hard time figuring out to the amazement of the man who actually owns @jonjones.

Daniel Cormier himself even got in on the fun…

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