The Internet Loses Its Mind When Steelers Go-Ahead Touchdown Catch Gets Overturned

by 9 months ago

At the end of today’s Steelers-Patriots game, Ben Roethlisberger conducted a masterful drive which was capped off with a controversial play that will be discussed throughout the week.

Watch as Roethlisberger throws a go-ahead touchdown pass with 30 seconds left on the clock to Steelers tight end Jesse James which was subsequently overturned because James didn’t hold onto the ball after he crossed the plane.

According to Fox Sports analyst Mike Perreira, the refs on the field made the right call.

Look, here is the rule. If you’re going to the ground you have to hold onto the ball when the ball hits the ground…Going to the ground trumps lunging/reaching to try and get extra yards or score a TD. You do that at your own risk. It’s incomplete…just ask Dez

People are saying a runner breaking the plane causes the ball to become dead…which is true. BUT the receiver does not become a runner until he completes the process of the catch. TOTALLY DIFFERENT

Even if the rule was called correctly it needs to be changed because it’s complete bullshit and its not good for the game. Hopefully the competition committee takes a look at the rule in the offseason.

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