Steelers Players Troll Mike Tomlin By Wearing USC Gear, Trying To Play The School’s Fight Song

Steelers Players Are Trolling Coach Mike Tomlin By Wearing USC Gear

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  • Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin was the subject of recent rumors that claimed he was being considered for the coaching job at USC.
  • Steelers players have been trolling Tomlin by wearing USC gear and trying to play the school’s fight song after he vehemently denied the rumors.
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Last week on The Dan Patrick Show, former Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer let slip the news that his alma mater USC was considering hiring current Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

When Patrick told Palmer that his reveal was the first he had heard about Tomlin being a potential candidate for the USC head coaching job Palmer replied, looking very uncomfortable, “Uh oh.”

Later, the media, of course, asked Tomlin if he was considering leaving Pittsburgh to take over at USC and he wasn’t thrilled with the question.

“There’s not a booster with a big enough blank check,” said Tomlin about the USC job.

Fast forward one week, following the Steelers’ 15-10 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and All-Pro defensive tackle Cameron Heyward informed Rich Eisen that some of his Steelers teammates have been trolling their head coach by rocking some USC gear at practice.

“Coach T is locked in and he’s not looking for a quick out,” said Heyward on Monday. “He thinks he has the greatest job and we know it every single day. He appreciates every moment.”

“So when you say it didn’t land in the locker room, nobody was talking about it? Nobody had to hear what Tomlin had to say? Or that does not come up?” asked Eisen.

“Now, we do our own things where we like to screw with Coach T,” Heyward responded. “Whether it’s Ben wearing USC gloves during a meeting… [laughter] Ben wore his USC gloves in a media interview. You know, there’s subtle things we do here and there. I think one time we were going to play the USC song during our warm-up, but I think that got nixed pretty quick.”

Heyward wasn’t joking about Ben Roethlisberger rocking USC gloves during a recent media session.

Hilariously subtle troll move right there by Big Ben.