Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Getting Married In Tailgate Lot In Ultimate Sign Of Fandom

Steelers fans

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There are a lot of crazed Pittsburgh Steelers fans out there that will say they live and die for the black and gold. But, one couple is taking it to the extreme, and are getting married in outside of Acrisure Stadium prior to Monday Night’s game against the Cleveland Browns.

And, get this. They call themselves Steeler Warrior and Steeler Princess. Here’s KDKA Pittsburgh with more.

He grew up in Johnstown, a Steelers fanatic through and through. She grew up in Norfolk, but has embraced Steelers fanaticism.

Paula Spruel is a preschool teacher, while Kevin Eash has a highly technical job in the oil and gas industry.

Their alter egos, however, when it comes to the black and gold, are Steeler Princess and Steeler Warrior.

Of course you’ve seen Yinzer Pope, Steelers Jesus, and many other characters, so it might not surprise you to hear that Eash reached out to Yinzer Pope to do the wedding and draw up the game plan, while Steelers Jesus will walk Paula down the aisle.

Steeler Warrior has been to Pittsburgh for games and enjoys the reactions he gets driving his Steelers-wrapped truck around Houston.

Paula’s outfit that was made for the wedding was a labor of love by Kevin after he proposed this past New Year’s Eve and realized she didn’t have the right outfit for the special nuptials.

Make sure you click on the link and see what they’re wearing to the wedding. It will blow your mind.

Now, if you’re not from Pennsylvania, you may think this is some unhinged behavior. But, I grew up around die-hard Steelers fans. I wouldn’t call this normal behavior, but it’s not exactly abnormal behavior, either. Pitt Panther football hasn’t been relevant since the early 1980s. And, the Steelers have been one of the league’s most successful franchises. That sets up almost a college-level devotion to the team from fans. These are not Los Angeles Rams fans.

I’d say there is a pretty good chance that this Steelers wedding gets a mention on tonight’s broadcast. The Steelers-Browns game kicks off at 8:15, the latter of the two Monday Night Football games.

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