Bills HC Confuses Everybody With Latest Statement On Stefon Diggs

Bills HC Sean McDermott and WR Stefon Diggs

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

The drama surrounding Stefon Diggs might be coming to an end after all, as Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott seems to be humming a different tune on Wednesday.

Initial reports indicate that McDermott was “concerned” when Diggs didn’t show up to a mandatory team practice. But suddenly he’s feeling the opposite.

According to Greg Vorse, the Bills head coach now claims that Stefon Diggs was simply “excused” from practice. They apparently had a dialogue and things are improving in Buffalo.

Here’s what McDermott had to say to the media during a press conference.

If that’s true, then perhaps there is no concerns for the Bills right now.

However, this is also stemming off of Josh Allen’s recent comments where he took some of the blame for what’s transpiring within the organization. So why did McDermott claim he was concerned with Diggs?

Sal Capaccio shares a statement from McDermott himself on that exact question. Apparently, the Bills head coach concerned “whenever a player has something going on or misses and isn’t here.”

Even so, everything about this situation is all over the place. It’s hard to tell what’s really going on with Stefon Diggs and the Bills right now.

Additionally, NFL fans everywhere just aren’t sure how to take McDermott’s most recent statement.

Nothing really makes sense right now.

If what McDermott is saying is true then why did Allen take some of the blame for an excused absense?

Are the Bills just recreating an episode of The Office?

The math is not mathing.

Maybe we’ll receive more answers as the summer goes on.

For the Bills’ sake, hopefully things with Stefon Diggs smooths over. Otherwise, they could be in store for an interesting season.