Under Armour Unveiled The Steph Curry 2 Shoes Last Night And HOLY HELL, Twitter Roasted Them Hard

Last night after Under Armour unveiled the highly anticipated Curry 2s the reaction posts began to filter in, and Twitter torched the Curry 2s like a witch in Salem. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of love the Curry 2s myself, but that’s mostly because I have the heart and soul of a 55-year-old Caucasian man from Palm Springs.

If the Curry 2s look familiar it’s probably because you’ve worked in a kitchen or know someone who has. These are essentially ‘chef shoes‘, which chefs have been wearing for decades, Under Armour’s even calling them the ‘Chef Currys’. They’re built to be comfortable on the feet and ankles as well as provide a lot of traction so that a chef doesn’t slip on the greasy kitchen floor. I’m not sure why Steph Curry went with this style for his 2nd shoe as a pro athlete but hey, that’s his prerogative. Now enough of that, let’s get to the best Twitter reactions to the Curry 2 sneakers:



Last but not least:

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