Watch Steph Curry High-Five A Teammate Before His Three-Pointer Even Connects In A Game Against The Raptors


During a Warriors vs. Raptors game late Monday night Steph Curry not only managed to score 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting in just under 20 minutes, but also managed to high-five Andre Iguodala on the sideline before one of his three-pointers even made it to the net.

THIS is the sort of Steph Curry news we need – not more videos of his daughter Riley doing the friggin’ whip/nae nae at her birthday party. Children suck, which means children of famous celebrities are even worse since you’re stuck seeing stories about them reported as if they’re actually “news.”

More Steph, less Riley please.



[H/T Uproxx / @_Zeets]