Steph Curry Turned The Tables And Interviewed His Dad As Charlotte Hornets Throw ‘Dell Curry Night’

If there’s one thing that’s almost always true, it’s that parents take a hell of a lot of pride in what their kids do—unless you’re my parents who still can’t get over the fact that I actually get paid to write about bro stuff like sports and girls for a living at 31 years old. I kid, I kid.

As much as parents brag about their kids, though, it’s always cool when that kid takes a minute to recognize their parent, giving him or her praise that often doesn’t happen.


So tonight, when the Charlotte Hornets host Dell Curry Night to honor the former baller as the team takes on the Golden State Warriors, the elder Curry got a little twist when interviewing his son, Steph Curry—you know, the league leader in scoring, reigning MVP and last year’s NBA champ—who decided that asking his pops the questions would be a good way to have some fun and honor him.

Seeing as how Steph has the sweetest J in the league, he should be grateful for what Dell taught him, because its turned into a nice little career for the kid.

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