One-Of-A-Kind Steph Curry Trading Card Sells For Record-Breaking $5.9 Million Dollars

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  • The rarest Steph Curry rookie trading card sold for a record-setting $5.9 million Tuesday.
  • Alt Fund II, an investment fund managed by Alt, purchased a 51% stake in the card to become majority owners.
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Steph Curry continues to shatter records, but this time off the court.

Alt Fund II purchased the world’s rarest Steph Curry trading Tuesday for a staggering $5.9 million. The card? A 2009, National Treasures 1-of-1 Rookie Logoman Autograph.

Just for reference, the veteran minimum in the NBA is $2.6 million. So, I guess that means a cardboard Steph Curry is worth more than a real NBA player?

Trading Card Sales

Clearly, the trading card game is heating up. Just this year, the record for most expensive NBA trading card has been broken three times. In March, a Luka Dončić rookie card sold for $4.6 million. Then in April, Alt set the previous record by buying a 2003 LeBron Exquisite Lebron James Rookie Patch Auto for $5.2 million.

Additionally, the most expensive NFL trading card belongs to none other than the GOAT Tom Brady.

What Is Alt?

Alt, a platform that allows collectors to buy and trade cards like stocks, manages Alt Fund II. Owner Leore Avidar, who launched the company last year, also collects Kobe Bryant and LeBron James cards himself.

After purchasing the card, Avidar said the following in a press release:

“Our data shows that Steph’s cards have increased 35% in value YTD — compare that to the S&P and you can see the outsized return potential. We believe this card’s upside is tremendous and represents the best of the best of the entire sports card market. We’re anchoring Alt Fund II to this purchase and have built a thesis with this asset at its core.”

With this purchase, the company now owns the two most expensive trading cards in history.

Alt will store the card in the coveted “Alt Vault,” which includes over $50 million worth of trading cards.