Steph Curry’s Thoughts On His New Shoes Are Probably The Exact Opposite Of Yours

Steph Curry 2s


The Curry 2s dropped yesterday to a unanimously horrendous review, and after Game 4 of the NBA Finals, a media member asked Steph Curry about his thoughts on the shoes.

Mouth insert foot.

Now I know Under Armour pays him A LOT of money to say such kind and complimentary things about their products, like deeming these faux K-Swiss abominations “fire,” but c’mon Steph! The “I didn’t have them in my road bag,” excuse?

You and me both know that if you felt like wearing the Curry 2s while cruising in a jet at an altitude of 30,000 ft. that Under Armour would still find a way to slap them on your feet somehow. You hate them, too.

Just admit it, they’re not as great as well all wanted them to be. And then go out and win Game 5.