Steph Curry Surprised The Hell Out His Dad Before Hornets Game Screaming ‘That’s Dell Curry!’ (VIDEO)

Steph Curry videobombs Dell Curry


Before last night’s game against the Hornets, Steph Curry ran up and gave his father Dell — who played for Charlotte and now does their games for FOX — a surprise “OH MY GOD THAT’S DELL CURRY! IT’S DELL CURRY!” hug, and in turn thoroughly surprised the shit out of him.

I’m pretty sure Dell could not have been more delighted by the gesture despite nearly falling out of his chair.

Is there anyone dominating life and enjoying every second of it like Steph Curry is this season? For a guy who has quickly left LeBron in the dust as the face of the NBA and who leads a 32-2 team with a target on its back, the dude somehow remains one of the most laid back, enjoyable personalities in all of sports. And maybe that’s why people are so easily taken by him.


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