Stephen A. Smith Asked About Infamous ‘Crab Rangoon’ Tweet And Things Of That Nature In A Preposterous Exchange

Stephen A Smith asked about Crab Rangoon tweet

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Stephen A. Smith is one of the hardest-working men in sports media and he’s paid handsomely for tirelessly appearing on every show ESPN has to offer at all hours of the day.

His personality is his brand. His brand is worth a reported $12 million/year salary from ESPN. And no tweet has ever captured Stephen A. Smith‘s personality better than the infamous ‘Crab Rangoon’ tweet from David Roth.

On June 13, 2012, David Roth fired off a tweet that lives in the Internet Hall of Fame. Anytime there is a ‘what’s the best tweet of all time?’ discussion this one is in the top 5. For many, it’s the greatest tweet ever sent.

On Sunday, Stephen A. Smith was profiled by David Marchese in the New York Times and he was asked about the infamous Crab Rangoon tweet.

More specifically, during a mock debate between the interviewer and Stephen A. Smith, the ESPN personality was asked about seeing the tweet in the past and Stephen A. claims he has no memory of ever seeing the Crab Rangoon tweet. The entire exchange has gone viral.

If that tweet isn’t loading, the exchange is as follows:

Can we pick a trivial subject and debate it? It depends on what it is.
Turkey sandwiches! They’re bland and only taste as good as their toppings! They taste good! I like turkey and swiss cheese on a toasted bun with mayo and black pepper!
No mustard?! No mustard. I’m not a mustard fan. I might try a little with a hot dog, but I prefer sauerkraut.
Sauerkraut has a weird texture! So we have the same taste buds now, huh? That’s where you’re going? That’s ridiculous. Everybody doesn’t have the same taste buds. What tastes good to some people might not taste good to other people!
Like crab rangoon and things of that nature? No.
That was a callback. There was that tweet that went viral a couple of years ago that joked about you and crab rangoon. I did not know that.
But you’ve commented on it before. I commented about crab rangoon?12
No, you commented about the tweet. I don’t recall ever commenting about crab rangoon in my life! Ever! You’d have to prove it to me because I’d be inclined to tell you that’s a fabricated story.
I just put the link to the story in the Zoom chat. Hold on. “We Showed Stephen A. Smith the Viral ‘Crab Rangoon’ Tweet.” I have no recollection of that whatsoever.

The link sent to Stephen A. Smith about the Crab Rangoon tweet is this one, a 2018 article from For The Win.

How does Stephen A. Smith not remember the Crab Rangoon tweet?!

They claim to have shown Stephen A. the Crab Rangoon tweet and Smith said he wasn’t offended but quickly pivoted to saying there are “better impersonations of him out there.”

That Stephen A. Smith claimed to have never seen/read the initial tweet blows my mind. He has an incredible memory and is on ESPN all day every day spewing facts and debating. He also has nearly 6 million followers on Twitter.

David Roth, the mastermind behind the Crab Rangoon tweet, had this to say:

To think that Stephen A. Smith has never seen the Crab Rangoon tweet in his mentions is unfathomable. The only explanation is that he doesn’t ever look at his mentions.

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