Stephen A. Smith Made Some Good Points About The Cowboys, But, Who The Hell Is This James Hardy Guy?

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OK, so maybe I’m just a giant asshole, but anytime I get a chance to take a shot at an ESPN analyst like Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless, who constantly have me pressing the mute button on my TV a bunch of times throughout the day, I’m going to seize that opportunity.

So when Mr. A Smith went on one of his usual rants today on First Take, giving his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys, I didn’t really think much of it, as he gave his usual, over-the-top reply that was a little bit more impassioned than it probably needed to be.

Then he sent out the tweet to promote his opinion and, after saying the name Greg Hardy seven times in the 2:16 video—trust me, I counted them all—he tweeted out how JAMES Hardy should not be blamed for the atrocity of the Cowboys’ season.

Classic typo, but the dude has to feel a tiny bit embarrassed about it, no?


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