Stephen A. Smith Makes Bombshell Claims About Lamar Jackson’s Contract Demands

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / G Fiume

During Friday’s episode of First Take, Stephe A. Smith claimed that a member of Lamar Jackson’s camp reached out to him in an effort to clarify some reports about the quarterback’s alleged contract demands.

According to Smith — who says he was “empathically assured” by his source  — Jackson has never asked the Baltimore Ravens for a “fully guaranteed contract” and that the Ravens would not go higher than a $133 million contract.

“I was connected to someone in Lamar Jackson’s camp yesterday,” Smith begins. “And I was absolutely and emphatically assured that Lamar Jackson has never asked for a fully guaranteed deal. A) they have never asked for a fully-guaranteed contract. B) the number that the Baltimore Ravens stopped at was $133 million guaranteed.”

“This is with them knowing Deshaun Watson got $230 million, that Kyler Murray got $189 million, that Russell Wilson got $165 million. The Ravens, supposedly — according to Lamar Jackson’s camp — have stopped at $133 million. Now that is an insult if true. There is no excuse — that is a low ball offer. In today’s market, everybody and their grandmama know it. Deshaun Watson is the outlier. The Ravens have no obligation to reach that crazy deal… but don’t tell me that what Kyler Murray got, Lamar Jackson doesn’t deserve.”

For comparison, Deshaun Watson signed a $230 million deal with the Cleveland Browns, Kyler Murray signed with the Arizona Cardinals for $189 million, and Russell Wilson got $165 million from the Denver Broncos.

With free agency set to begin on March 15, it feels increasingly likely that the Ravens and their former MVP signal-caller are headed for a divorce.

Should Jackson actually hit the open market, at least half the teams in the league would try to acquire his services, with franchises such as the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and Las Vegas Raiders being considered the most likely destinations.

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