Stephen A. Smith Says He’s Tempted To Go ‘Nuclear’ And Expose LeBron James’ Dirty Laundry

Early this morning, Cavs superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to shoot down a report from ESPN’s Stephen A Smith claiming he was “tempted to beat” Kyrie Irving’s ass for demanding a trade from the team.

After seeing LeBron deny the report on Twitter, Stephen A. was livid and said that he was ready to go “nuclear” on the Cavs star for getting on his last nerve.

“Nobody’s perfect, Sometimes LeBron gets on my last nerves and within the last couple of hours he most certainly has. And I’ll be the first to say to you, you better understand something ladies and gentleman and it’s not just applicable to me. It’s applicable to the great Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Stein, the Ric Bucher’s of the world, the Chris Broussard’s of the world. We never report everything we know… We do exercise decorum and professionalism and we do make a concerted effort to try to quell whatever biases may exist inside of us as human beings. But I gotta tell ya’ll there are some moments when professional athletes literally tempt you to go nuclear on them. And I stand here before you today right in that zone with LeBron James.

“What if I got into the REAL story of what happened with LeBron James against Boston the year before — or that spring when he decided to leave Cleveland and take his talents to South Beach? But we don’t want to get into that.

It seems like Stephen A.’s go-to move when insulted by an NBA player is to threaten to air the stuff he’s “too professional” to talk about on-air.

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