ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Rips Max Kellerman To Shreds, Reminds Him About The Times He Said Kawhi Leonard Was Better Than Kobe Bryant And LeBron James


Kawhi Leonard had a rough game 7 against the Denver Nuggets that capped off the Clippers bizarre playoffs collapse and Stephen A. Smith had fun throwing it in his co-hosts face on Wednesday morning.

During game 7 on Tuesday night, Kawhi scored 14 points for the game and went scoreless down the stretch in the fourth quarter.

During Wednesday’s edition of First Take, Stephen A. Smith went on an epic rant blasting Max Kellerman, who had said in the past that Kawhi was more clutch than Kobe and better than LeBron James.

“When it comes to the sport of basketball, you should be banned from talking about the sport,”

“Your take was embarrassing! After all of this noise that you have made all of these years about Kawhi Leonard, you come on the top of the show, I stepped back, I got a cup of tea right here, Max I gave you the floor and your response to the American public, after the drivel you have subjected us all to for the last several years is ‘Oops, I blew it’? That’s the best you can do?”

NBA fans enjoyed Stephen A’s rant on Kellerman.

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