Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant For Calling Him A Liar ‘You Don’t Want To Make An Enemy Out Of Me’



Last week, Kevin Durant called out Stephen A Smith after the First Take host reported that he had heard that Durant was interested in leaving the Oklahoma Ciy Thunder and joining the LA Lakers next season.


This morning on First Take, Stephen A addressed Kevin Durant’s comments and he went off on the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar even going as far as threatening KD to keep his mouth shut or he’ll find out other things about him.

This is ain’t no damn jump shooting contest, this is a different arena. There’s a level of respect that I have continuously shown to him and I will continue to show it to him because I know what kind of young man that dude is but he made a mistake here and I feel the need to call him on it. I couldn’t let it go.

From now on this implication that I don’t know stuff…you better think twice before you say that because when these NBA games start you’re going to start seeing me at these NBA arenas, and I can find out more in 10 minutes at a basketball arena than on the phone and think about that and ask you really want to go there?