Stephen A. Smith Wants The ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Job But People Think It’s A Bad Idea

Stephen A. Smith

Getty Image / Allen Berezovsky

Pat Sajak shocked America recently after announcing he plans to retire from being the host of Wheel of Fortune at the conclusion of its 41st season.

Since then, everybody has wondered who will replace him as the next host and they’ll probably find a suitable option at some point.

However, Stephen A. Smith turned heads on Thursday, as he claims he wants to host Wheel of Fortune.

According to Sports Illustrated, “Smith, an avowed fan of the classic game show, says he’d like to fill in as host, even if it’s only in a temporary capacity.”

Here’s what he had to say about it on The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Smith is one of the more busy television personalities in America right now. So, it’s hard to imagine he has the time to become the full-time host of Wheel of Fortune.

Regardless, not very many people seem interested in seeing Stephen A. Smith on the beloved show. They shared their reactions on social media and it’s obvious that people don’t want it.

This question makes me think it might be entertaining to have Smith as the host.

This guy is for it… Kind of.

Meanwhile, some people think Wheel of Fortune would be ruined with Stephen A. Smith as the host.

Maybe the network will give multiple people a chance to be the host in a similar way that Jeopardy did.

If that’s the case, Stephen A. Smith could potentially be a host for a week or something.

With that said, we probably won’t know the replacement host for a while. So, buckle up for tons of rumors until someone officially replaces Pat Sajak.