Watch Steve Smith Call The Bengals’ Secondary ‘Trash’ And ‘F*ckboy’ After Torching Them All Day

Steve Smith, Sr. went off on the Cincinnati Bengals with 13 receptions for 186 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday. This gives him 23 receptions for 336 yards and those two TDs over the last two games.

But that wasn’t the only way in which Smith went off on Sunday. He also went off on the bench telling anyone within shouting distance that the Bengals’ secondary was garbage.


If my lip-reading skills don’t fail me here, what Smith said was, “27? Trash. 24? Trash. 43? Fuckboy 20? [didn’t catch that one, but I’m sure it wasn’t good].”

#27 would be Dre Kirkpatrick, #24 is Adam “Pacman” Jones, #43 is George Iloka and #20 is Reggie Nelson for those of you scoring at home.

Unfortunately for him his team still lost and now sits at 0-3 for the first time in team history while the Bengals are 3-0.

Such a shame that Smith has already said that this will be his last season, because very few in the NFL today talk trash and back it up as well as #89.

H/T Uproxx