Things Got A Bit Awkward During NFL Network’s Pregame Show After Steve Smith Got Heated And Punked Michael Irvin For Trying To Throw Shade

Things got a bit awkward during tonight’s Bengals-Ravens pregame show on NFL Network.

While talking about Joe Flacco hall of fame Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin said the Ravens QB hasn’t had a good receiver since Anquan Boldin. Former Revens wide receiver Steve Smith, who was sitting right next to Irvin, felt slighted by his colleague’s remarks and immediately fired back.

Anquan wasn’t the only baller out there, I understand you have the rings but I passed you statistically years ago. There ain’t no route I couldn’t run that you hoped you could run. I got a doctorate in route running, you got an associates degree playa.

Michael Irvin and Steve Smith have a bit of a history. Last year, Irvin made fun of Smith’s pants during an on-air sgment which led to a pissed Smith promising to whip Irvin’s ass.

Despite Smith’s saltiness it seems like most people are siding with Irvin.

h/t Total Pro Sports