Steve Smith Shares Story About How A Work Shift At Taco Bell Saved Him From Getting Shot By A Former Teammate

Steve Smith taco bell saved his life

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Most people work random jobs during high school and college, and for Steve Smith, that job was working at Taco Bell. It turns out that his time working at Taco Bell had a tremendous impact on his life seeing as how it very literally could have kept him from being murdered.

Smith joined Kyle Brandt’s podcast to answer 10 questions and after explaining how he got the job at Taco Bell because a girl in his history class was quitting, he told the mind-blowing story of how one work shift kept him from getting shot.

Smith shared that he and an unidentified teammate got into a fight at practice and the teammate got molly whopped. The following Friday, Smith missed the team’s walkthrough because he was working at Taco Bell. He later found out that the teammate he got in a fight with brought a pistol to the locker room that day prepared to shoot Smith.

“Old boy that I got in a fight with, he was waiting in my locker area with a pistol, Smith explained. “He was in the locker room and he was waiting basically to shoot me. And if I would have come in, he would’ve shot me, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t show up that day.”

Talk about a job saving your life. Smith was grinding away inside a Taco Bell while a teammate of his was fully prepared to shoot him inside the team locker room.

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