Former NFL Punter Booted From Gym For Grunting Posts An A+ Video Apologizing For Being ‘Such A Savage’



Former NFL punter Steve Weatherford made a name for himself after his playing career for being outspoken on some issues and, more than anything, being jacked as all hell thanks to a crazy intense workout regimen.

Turns out that his routine may be a little too loud for some people, though, because Weatherford was actually booted from a Planet Fitness recently for grunting—and he ripped the place in an epic Instagram post on his way out the door.

Even going as far to say that he was “embarrassed to say I paid $20 to this establishment,” the former punter sure looked like he had a great time ripping the place a new one—can’t say I don’t blame him.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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